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Here you will find information on the official forms of participation of ABRAFIN. Use the menu on the left to navigate.

Scientific Committee

It is an advisory body of the Board, coordinated by the Scientific Director of ABRAFIN. 'S mission is to analyze, give opinions and take positions on various issues in the light of scientific evidence, whenever requested by the Board.

This Commission is made up of some of the most important names of brazilian scientific research in the area of physical therapy Neurofuncional. Know your members:

Abrahão Baptist Sources (UFBa), PhD
Ana Cristina Machado (INCA), PhD
Augusto Cesinando de Carvalho (UNESP), PhD
Carla Trevisan M. Ribeiro (IFF/FioCruz), PhD
Akash Lawrence Correa (UFRJ), PhD
Cristiane S. N. Baez Garcia (IFRJ), PhD
 Cristina dos Santos c. de Sá (USP), PhD
 Edison Sanfelice André (FURB), PhD
 Erika de Carvalho Rodrigues (UNISUAM), PhD
 Fatima v. Rastogi (UFMG), PhD
 Katia Karina mount Silva (UFPE), PhD
 Laura Alice s. de Oliveira (UNISUAM), PhD
 Livia Dumont Facchinetti (FioCruz), MSc
 Miriam r. Calheiros de Sá (IFF/FioCruz), PhD
 Sheila Schneiberg V. Day (UFS), PhD
 Malini Daniel Melo (UNICENTRO), PhD
 Sissy Van Sources (UNIFESP), PhD
 Wilma Costa Souza (UNIFESO), PhD