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Who We Are

The Brazilian Association of physical therapy Neurofuncional-ABRAFIN, CNPJ under nº 11,727,822/0001-95, is a non-profit entity designed to disseminate scientific knowledge and to integrate the physical therapists with expertise specializing in Neurofuncional area.

"The ABRAFIN is an entity which conducts its actions with scientific integrity, keeping clear of potential conflicts of interest. Because of this, this Association makes no apology for the methods, does not recommend courses or services, limited to exploit those who seek to choose courses, services and methods according to the brazilian legislation and taking into account the higher level of scientific evidence "


Our Mission

Founded on October 16, 2009 during the XVIII Congress of physiotherapy in Rio de Janeiro, ABRAFIN's mission is to:



The movement for the Foundation of ABRAFIN started by early 2005 in Rio de Janeiro when a small group of professionals, dissatisfied with the fact of not having a scientific representation, began meeting to consider what could be done in this regard. So the small group began to envision the need to establish an association in which scientific knowledge could be widespread and, above all, where could be established standards of excellence for the year. To this were held some meetings having been the first one in 12/2/2005 day in Colombo at the Copacabana Fort.

In 2006 1 smaller group held various meetings in an attempt to promote a National Congress to found the ABRAFIN. There was at the time a lot of difficulty of financial support for our project and the idea of promoting a Congress was abandoned. Despite the difficulties, the Group continued gathering and initiating the contact with professionals from other States.

With the advent of the 18th Brazilian Congress of Physiotherapy in 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, the opportunity to meet colleagues from specialty arose and so it was that on 12 March 2009, the Board of physical therapy technique Neurofuncional of CREFITO 2 (2006-2010) began to promote meetings systematized in order to make the Foundation of the Association. So this was really the result of the will and collective engagement, diverse measures that have been taken aimed at the dissemination of the meeting to the largest possible number of Physiotherapy professionals Neurofuncional in all Brazil, through:

Before Assembly, the pró-fundação manifest the ABRAFIN had more than 100 signatures. And so it was that on the day 10/16/2009, in a meeting with about 150 people, proving to be a result of the democratic will of the Brazilian Physiotherapists working in this specialty, ABRAFIN was founded by unanimity and the sound of enthusiastic applause of its founding partners.