What is physiotherapy Neurofuncional?

Physical therapy Neurofuncional is the area of expertise of the physical therapy that acts of preventive, curative, palliative or adaptive in the sequelae resulting from damage to the nervous system, covering both the Central Nervous System as the peripheral, as well as to those with neuromuscular diseases (motor neuron, the motor plate and the muscle itself-myopathies). The physical therapist neurofuncional has the responsibility of evaluating the patient, give the diagnosis, functional kinetic prescribe treatment and carry it out. This professional's responsibility too, set the high moment of these patients.

Which patients use the services of a physiotherapist neurofuncional?

Can benefit from the services of a physiotherapist Neurofuncional, children and adults with sequelae of different complexities and bodily distributions such as hemiplegias, paraplegias, cerebelopatias, vestibular dysfunction, parkinsoninsmo, polyneuropathies, myopathies, motor neuron diseases, etc.

In other words, look for a physical therapist Neurofuncional if you have one or more of the symptoms below:

Why is it necessary that the physiotherapeutic care neurofuncional is specialized?

The syndromes resulting from damage to the nervous system differ depending on the region. Motor and sensory dysfunction caused by neurological damage interfere qualitatively and quantitatively in the performance of activities of daily life, employment and recreation.
Therefore, the physical therapist neurofuncional need to have specialized knowledge and keep up to date on:

How to find a physical therapist with experience in neurofuncional?

It is important that, in addition to the clinical experience, the physical therapist had to go through some kind of graduate-level qualification, preferably in the form of a Multiprofessional Residence.

Among our members, there are several pros with these characteristics. Look in here.

In what scenarios the physiotherapist neurofuncional?

Firstly it is important to note that your performance is not limited to the treatment of established sequels but also plays
actions related to both primary and secondary prevention. Can act in various scenarios such as clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, Icu, sports centres adapted or even health clinics.