General Information

  • The deadline for abstract submission is 7/31/2014.
  • Pre-registration is required by at least one author for the submission of abstracts.
  • The contents of the abstract submitted is of full responsibility of the author.
  • Will not be accepted jobs that hurt the code of ethics or the resolution 466/12 National Health Council, which establishes the criteria for research involving humans. Moreover, jobs that do not respect the law in 11,794 of 8
    October 2008, laying down the procedures for the scientific use of animals, will be rejected.
  • The number of the certificate of introduction to Ethics Assessment (CAAE) should be necessarily featured in the summary.
  • Abstracts will not be accepted for case studies, case reports or case series. Works of literature review will only be accepted when dealing with meta-analyses or systematic reviews of the literature.
  • Unfinished work summaries will be rejected automatically.

Rules for Submission of abstracts

  • The submission will take place exclusively through the online submission form.
  • Should be filled by form 01 (one) summary.
  • All fields must be filled out completely, observing the standards indicated.
  • Only the author responsible for the work should fill in the registration form. Special care at the e-mail address posted, because it will be used in all communication between the Congress and the organization responsible for the work.
  • The main author will receive confirmation of submission of work through the registered e-mail address in the submission form online.
  • In the Act of filling out the online submission form, the author will present the abstract must be indicated.
  • The abstract should be submitted in Portuguese. Authors must ensure that the text does not contain typos, grammar or spelling before sending it.

Structure of the abstract

  • The title of the abstract must not exceed 12 (twelve) words.
  • The abstract should have a maximum of 6 (six) authors with their full names, affiliations and titrations just below the title (tag membership and titration with superscript ordinal number after the name of each author). The order of inclusion of authors ' names will be the same used for the issuing of the certificate. Remembering that summaries submitted without authorship will be automatically rejected.
  • The abstract should be structured by the following sections: (i) introduction and objectives; (ii) methods; (iv) result (iii) discussion and conclusion.
  • The keywords (3 to 6) should be located just below the section "conclusion". In addition, they must be indexed in DeCS-Health Sciences descriptors. (Accessed:
  • The formatting of the abstract must comply with the following standards: (i) margins top, bottom, right and left with 3 cm; (ii) Arial or Times New Roman, size 11; (iii) single line spacing between lines and without paragraph; (iv) insert a single space between the title and the text. Noting that abstracts sent out the required formatting will be automatically rejected.
  • The body of the abstract (text) must have at least 200 words and a maximum of 250 words.

Abstracts/assessment Results

  • All work will be evaluated anonymously by the members of the Scientific Committee, in other words, the Commission will not have access to the names of the authors, co-authors or the institution they belong to the authors of abstracts.
  • The abstracts will be evaluated according to the criteria described in annex I, taking into consideration the significance and impact of the study, the methodology, the clarity and objectivity of the written presentation and originality of the work.
  • To be accepted, the summaries must get at least five points on the criteria for the evaluation of abstracts (annex I), namely, summaries that obtain a score less than five will be disqualified.
  • The form of presentation of papers includes the modalities poster or oral presentation. It is up to the Scientific Committee designate the manner of presentation of the work, in accordance with the score obtained by the criteria for the evaluation of abstracts (annex I).
  • Among the approved abstracts, those with the highest score will be selected for oral presentation and the other for presentation in poster mode.
  • After the evaluation of the Scientific Committee, the author will be reported on the form of presentation of his work through the registered e-mail address in the submission form online.
  • Abstracts presented at COBRAFIN III will be published as proceedings.
  • The list of approved abstracts and the form of presentation will be announced on the website of the Congress until the day 9/17/2014.
  • It is the policy of the Congress that all abstracts are submitted with the intention to be submitted if they are approved. Do not submit a resume if you do not want to introduce him at the event. Once established the times and locations for the submission of summaries, these cannot be changed. The authors of the selected works take on the commitment by the Scientific Committee of the event to attend on the date and time set for your presentation.
  • As for the abstracts selected for oral mode, the material to be presented must be delivered to the Organizing Committee of the event at least 01 (one) hour before the time fixed for the presentation.
  • The summaries presented in poster mode will be arranged according to predetermined criteria by the Scientific Committee of the event. The authors should expose their posters from 9 am in the morning and pull them out until 5 pm. Any damage or loss related to the work occurring outside of this period are the sole responsibility of the author.
  • Abstracts not submitted and/or that do not comply with the propositions 8 and 9 do not receive certificates.
  • When submitting the summary, all authors agree that the work is published in the annals of Congress.
  • Among the works approved and presented at the event, 04 (four) will be selected by the Scientific Committee to be published in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT). The authors of selected abstracts should undertake to submit an English version of the said work in a maximum term of 07 (seven) days after the date of disclosure.