New Board of ABRAFIN

On 08.09.2016 was elected the new board of ABRAFIN the electoral Assembly held during the 4th COBRAFIN.

The elected board is composed of the following members:

  • President: Dr. Sibel Melo Knaut (PR)
  • Vice-President: Dr Felipe Lemos (SP)
  • Scientific Director: Dr. Sheila Schneiberg (SE)
  • Director Treasurer: Dr. Geciely Munaretto (SC)
  • Director Secretary: Dr. Livia Facchinetti Dumont (RJ)
  • Managing Director: Dr Lazarus Teixeira (SC)


  • Dr Diogo Suriani (GO)
  • Dr Matheus D'Alencar (BA)
  • Dr. Bruna Baggio (RS)


The current board want success the new team of professionals who will take on the important commitment to our Association during the triennium 2017-2020, and made available to members to contribute according to the need

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