On January 21, 2017 was inaugurated the new board of ABRAFIN.

The board of the triennium 2017-2020 assumes ABRAFIN with the same responsibility, transparency and dedication of previous administrations, especially aimed at the enhancement of neurofuncionnal physiotherapist. The number of individuals, be they children, adults and seniors, with some kind of sensory-motor dysfunction resulting from damage to the nervous system is growing every day, the results of advances in health with consequent increase in survival and sequelae of diseases infectious that have emerged in recent years. The need for physical therapists increasingly trained and specialized in this area is urgent and essential for effective and rapid functional results. The ABRAFIN, which is the organization recognized by COFFITO to represent Neurofunctional Physiotherapy has an important role to strengthen this specialty with the bodies not only of representatives of physical therapy, but also of all professionals working in functional health. quality Neurofunctional physiotherapy has with Physiotherapist Neurofunctional. In this sense, the current board of ABRAFIN, is committed to working with quite claw, commitment and ethics for:

  1. Increasing dynamism of the site and social networks assisting partners in their different aspirations that fit the ABRAFIN;
  2. Defend Neurofunctional Physiotherapy promptly whenever this is defamed or wrongly presented;
  3. Create academic links to encourage graduate students to become interested and know the Neurofunctional Physiotherapy;
  4. Form and consolidate partnerships with other specialty associations, COFFITO and CREFITOs
  5. Promote congresses and national and regional meetings to bring together the academic community, clinical and scientific, to increase knowledge and information transfer;
  6. Grant specialist titles recognized by COFFITO

Together we are neurofunctional,
We appreciate the trust
Board ABRAFIN triennium 2017-2020

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