National examination for the grant of Titles of professional Specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the year 2016.

This year, the physiotherapists and occupational therapists will have a new opportunity to acquire the title of Professional Specialist. To do this, simply pass the national examination for granting of Professional Specialist titles, with completion scheduled for the day 20 November in all Brazilian States, and will provide all the professional specialties of physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.

The event will be held through the company MS contests, responsible for the conduct of the process.

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Specialties that have proof in 2016

Physiotherapy: Aquatic Physiotherapy; Cardiovascular Physical Therapy; Dermato; Physical therapy; Physiotherapy in Acupuncture/TCM; Physical therapy in Oncology; Physiotherapy in osteopathy; Physical therapy in Chiropractic; Physiotherapy in intensive care – adult and elderly; Physiotherapy in intensive care – Neonatology and Pediatrics; Sports Physiotherapy; Physical therapy in women's health; Neurofuncional physiotherapy in adults and the elderly; Physical therapy Neurofuncional on Child and adolescent; Respiratory Physiotherapy; Tráumato-Orthopedic and physiotherapy.

Occupational therapy: occupational therapy on Acupuncture/TCM; Occupational therapy in Hospital Settings; Occupational therapy in social contexts; Occupational therapy in Mental health; and occupational therapy on family health.


Entries will be held from October 11 till 11:59 pm of the day 2 November, through the e-mail address

Stay tuned for details:

  1. At the time of inscription, the professional must choose the Association which will expedite the title of specialist. Click here and learn more!
  2. The specialties of physiotherapy in Intensive Therapy and physiotherapy Neurofuncional have two practice areas. It is necessary to choose the area at the time of registration. Remember, after approved registration, you will not be able to make changes.
      Physiotherapy in Intensive Therapy:

    • Physiotherapy in intensive care – Neonatology and Pediatrics
    • Physiotherapy in intensive care – adult
      Physical Therapy Neurofuncional:

    • Neurofuncional-physiotherapy in children and Adolescents
    • Neurofuncional-physiotherapy in adults and the Elderly
  3. Payment: Please note that the registration will be valid only after confirmation of payment, which may be held up to a maximum of 3 November day.

Follow the processing

All transactions of the national examination for Granting Professional Specialist title shall be published on the website of MS Contests. Stay tuned!

Click here, read the Announcement and learn more about the process.

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