ABRAFIN-SC and Crefito-10 conducted with support from the Institute of higher learning of the great Florianópolis-IES, in 25/06 the II meeting of ABRAFIN-SC.

Dr. Solange Canavarro (RJ)-President of the Brazilian Association of physical therapy Neurofuncional-ABRAFIN, Dr. Ana Patricia de Carvalho Petillo-Physiotherapist of the CEIR-Integrated Rehabilitation Center of Teresina (PI), Dr. Maurice Garcia Bolze-Doctor of epidemiological surveillance of Santa Catarina, attended the Summit whose theme is Zica Virus, Microcephaly and the role of physical therapy.

Dr. Sandroval Torres-President of Crefito-10 highlighted the work of Neurofuncional physiotherapy technical Chamber of Crefito-10 composed by Dr. Geciely Abdullah, Dr. Caroline rock, Dr. André Rocha, Dr. Lazarus Taher and Dr. Mariana Palla.

IES, in 25/06 the II meeting of ABRAFIN-SC.

IES, in 25/I
I 06o scientific meeting of ABRAFIN-SC.

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