The ABRAFIN congratulates the awarded Medal of honor Dr. Fernando Lemos

The day 27/10 past, the Crefito-2 honored four physiotherapists, the Medal of honor Dr. Fernando Lemos, namely: Dr. Sandra Helena Mayworm, Dr. William Off Tenius, Dr. Wilma Costa Souza and Dr. Sheila Bastos Salty.

The ABRAFIN congratulates the recipients and in particular Dr Wilma Costa Souza, former Principal Secretary and founding partner of ABRAFIN and Dr Sheila Bastos Salty, great reference in the physiotherapeutic care spinal cord injured and one of the founders of the CVI (independent living Center), marco in the inclusion of patients with disabilities.

The ABRAFIN congratulates the CREFITO 2 for the initiative to also make a posthumous tribute to the dear Dr Carlos Alberto Caetano Azeredo, great professional reference whose irreparable loss is still cry by Brazilian Physiotherapy.

Dr. Wilma Costa Souza


Dr. Sheila Bastos Salgado

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